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    Think your office is soulless? Check out this Amazon fulfillment center.

    Ben Roberts’ Amazon Unpacked isa haunting series of photographs that exposes the inner workings of Amazon’s massive fulfillment center in the English Midlands.

    Locals hoped that the center would boost the local economy, which was devastated by the closure of a coal mine, the area’s main employer. Instead, Roberts explains, Amazon workers are turned into ‘human robots’ and guaranteed little-to-no job security.

    "An Amazon fulfillment associate might have to walk as far as 15 miles in a single shift, endlessly looping back and forth between shelves in a warehouse the size of nine soccer fields. They do this in complete silence, except for the sound of their feet. The atmosphere is so quiet that workers can be fired for even talking to one another." 

    For Roberts, this isn’t about how something you order off of Amazon comes to your door. It’s about how fulfillment centers like Rugeley represent the invisible cost buried in every low Amazon price.


    Every low price has it’s cost.

    is there no reason why a system of motorized carts and shit couldn’t have been built for this so employees wouldn’t have to walk so much? I mean, that’s the least of the problems, but it feels like this place is made to be the worst work environment this side of a coal mine on purpose.

    Seriously. Aren’t segways pretty quiet things? And why on earth would there be a policy in place to keep the environment quiet? Nine soccer fields of silence, brrrr.

    Word. I don’t get the need for silence.

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      Word. I don’t get the need for silence.
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