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I mostly just reblog when I'm bored and have nothing to do. On occasion I might write an epiphany or idea. Or I'll share something I really like. Mostly just reblogging though.

    Assassin’s Creed 3 has some legit brain food in it.  It’s pointing out a non ethnocentric viewpoint regarding the revolution.  I enjoy having my ideas challenged.

    Without getting into all the details and spoilers, one thing that was said was something about how it’s foolish to adhere to the constitution literally because it’s a piece of paper written hundreds of years ago by idealistic men who have never encountered the troubles of a modern society.  It seems that this train of thought is becoming more popular as I’ve heard people echo this sentiment: “I don’t believe in the sanctity of the constitution.”  

    While I can understand that point, I feel that it’s shortsighted.  It’s only looking at the now without looking at the past and future….without looking at history as a whole.   So, yes, the constitution and the Bill of Rights are old coming from men who never had to deal with modern issues.  It was written by sexist, slave owning, homophobic bigots.  I get that.  But it was also written by men who experienced a tyrannical government and wanted to ensure that this country never be one of those countries who stripped freedom from it’s citizens.  While I don’t agree with the specific views, I do agree with the principle.  Freedom.  So even though their views might be antiquated, if you read through it all and fit it into a modern context, I’m sure you’ll see that it is still very much relevant. When you look at history, you see many so called civilized societies falling victim to the exact kinds of things that the Constitution warned against.  When the principles of the constitution hold up and are proven to be right over and over and over again over hundreds of years, you have to respect what it’s saying. 

    The constitution is not holy or divine. But it’s what this country was built on. It’s what made this country great. It’s what made millions of people leave everything behind to start over in a new country. A land of the free.  We need to respect that and stop letting our government trample all over it. 

    If you really think about it, each amendment is practically a warning of what a tyrannical government begins to look like.  They want to silence you. They want to disarm you and prevent you from defending yourself. Violate your property rights. Violate your privacy. Falsely imprison you.  Yet we have the patriot act and a number of other crazy stuff that violates this. 

    These are crazy times we’re living in. I don’t know the answer, but at least I’m willing to admit there’s a problem.  And maybe if enough people can come together, we can figure out a solution. 

    In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “Those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither.” 

    — 1 year ago
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    BJJ Day…well, month 6.

    Haven’t done one of these in a while.  Lost count of the days, but I know I’m at 6 months because coach told me it’s time to renew.   

    But man, what a great class.  It wasn’t the lesson so much as it was the rolling. But I’ll get to that.

    Today we did some lockdown work. Except instead of the traditional 10th planet style of whip up (which I had to use in drills anyway), we did what coach calls the fat whip.  It works great on big guys. In fact, it makes my heavier team mates feel light as a feather.  It combines the leg mechanics of your standard whip up, except instead of the hands on the rib cage, it’s on hand under hooking the other leg, and the other arm with your bicep just below the armpit.  And you whip up with your legs, and basically act like you’re throwing a medicine ball over your (underhooked) shoulder.  Works like a charm. I’m a big boy and the little guys were whipping me around.  Anyway, from there we did basic 10th planet material. Old school. Plan B. Electric Chair. Electric chair sweep.  (And during drill I repped some mechanic which my coach complimented me on. Can’t lie, it felt good :)  )

     Only one guy stayed to roll and the rest did some stand up MMA sparring (kickboxing with takedowns).  But the guy I rolled with was a pleasure to roll with because we both have similar mentalities when it comes to rolling. Don’t go full blast.  We’re practicing not competing. And it’s more about learning than winning.  He tapped me a bunch. He’s been there for nearly 2 years now.  I caught him one time. He kept hitting me with triangles and I started baiting him so I could drop back for an achilles lock (I choose not to play with heel hooks yet).  Felt good. Almost had a lot of fancy stuff.  And I learned a TON from my mistakes. I had him in trouble EVERY round.  And every time, he’d tell me how I can correct that.  My main mistake is not knowing when to let go of a sub attempt and advance to either another sub, or a dominant position. And he gave me huge compliments.  Told me that I’ve improved a ton.  Told me that he likes that I don’t abuse my size and strength (which is a huge compliment to me).

     I love this stuff man.  My only regret is that I never started earlier.  I’m super grateful that my girl taught me how to “just do it” (no nike pun intended).   Ever since I followed her example, I’ve taken an initiative in life that has changed my life til I die. 

    But enough wall of text.  Thanks for reading if you did.  Keep it positive. God bless. 

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